You are who you are.
You love who you love.
You believe how you believe.
You live how you should live.
And die knowing who you are!


Another Fork in the ROAD

Shall I do what I love? Shall I do what is the responsible thing to do?

I believe that you should do what you love!!! I have so many interest and so little time to fit it all in, so I need to decide what is most important to me.  My family is most important! I am talking about my interest and personal growth interest……I am going to acupuncture school and I am not sure it is what I really want to do.  I just need to clear my head and figure all this out.

Just a Thought

Conformity and censorship where do you stand? We all line up being hypocrites in the process………Shenakahra



How you are.

Lose yourself,

Mind and soul,

How foul it seems.

Yet so real;

Taste the bitterness,

And leave.

Shenakahra with a cool hat


Life is a great journey even though our sorrows can run deep. The flames and masks have all been revealed to me……for now my journey must continue through the storms of ashes and shaking for not knowing what will be seen once it is lifted. Smiling now with black teeth, from all of the ashes, I fall to my knees and laugh staring up toward the abyss……………………Shenakahra

Lyrics to No More-a short ending song on my first album

You can listen to the 34 sec song at or!

A New Day :)

Today I will be studying……….but also taking time out to write some poetry! I haven’t done that in awhile. Also, trying to learn more about wordpress 🙂

Time for Cooking

I am thinking it is time for fettuccini Alfredo tonight!

Life update

I am back at school…….trying to figure out if I am going to stick with Acupuncture, hehehe no pun intended. I upload my new song that is a whopping 34 seconds long.  That’s okay though it is the ending song to my very first album. Really wanting to focus my time on just music, but life happens you know.

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